Fishery Alert – October 2020


1. Provisions were established for acceptance of fractional payment of fines in PRODUCE

 Through Ministerial Resolution No. 334-2020-PRODUCE published on October 11, 2020, provisions were established for the acceptance of fractional payment of fines issued by the Sanctions Directorate of the General Directorate for Supervision, Monitoring and Sanctions of the Deputy Ministerial Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Ministry of Production. The request for acceptance the subdivision may be made after notification of the Board Resolution of Sanction or in the stage of Coercive Enforcement, paying 10% of the total fine as a request for acceptance.

 The term for the authority to decide the request for acceptance is 30 working days and the maximum term to be granted for the subdivision shall be 18 months. Failure to pay two consecutive installments or the full amount of the last original installment, the loss of the subdivision benefit; likewise, the benefit shall be lost if the holder contests the judgment of fine.

 2. IMARPE was authorized to carry out an Exploratory Fishery for anchovy in the southern area

Through Ministerial Resolution No. 335-2020-PRODUCE published on October 11, 2020, the Peruvian Sea Institute- IMARPE was authorized to carry out an Exploratory Fishery for anchovy resources (Engraulis ringens) and white anchovy (Anchoa nasus) in the area between 17°00’00” S up to the southern end of the maritime domain and outside the 5 miles of distance from the coast, for a period of 5 calendar days starting at 00.00 hours the day after the resolution was published.

Industrial purse seine vessels with a valid fishery permit for anchovy and with a Maximum Catch Limit per Vessel – LMCE assigned for the southern zone may participate and what is captured shall be discounted from their LMCE. Vessels must move from the base ports to the assigned area of operation and vice versa, as well as maintain a steady course and speed of navigation. The total budget shall be covered by the owners of the participating vessels.

In view of the nature of Exploratory Fishery, the regulations referring to the incidental capture of juveniles or of different resources shall not be applicable.