Life Sciences Newsletter – April 2021



New conditional sanitary registration for COVID-19 vaccine

Digemid authorized Pfizer the second conditional sanitary registration of the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured in the United States. A total of 4 vaccines authorized by the Peruvian health authority are added to this registry.

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Oxygen plants

The Ministry of Transport and Communications was authorized, through the “Special Legacy Project Pan American Games”, to purchase medicinal oxygen plants, the installation of medical gas networks for medicinal oxygen generating plants, the purchase of other similar medical devices as well as maintenance services for the benefit of the Ministry of Health. Contracts may be entered into in the national or international market.

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National Emergency: extension of deadline

The State of National Emergency was extended until May 31, 2021.

In this regard, the qualifying titles (authorizations, registrations, permits) issued by the health authority that expire during the State of National Emergency shall be extended for a period of 1 additional year.

In addition, the obligation to comply with the minimum distance of 1 meter, to use double mask, to wash hands for at least 20 seconds, to comply with the gauges and schedule of the mandatory immobilization according to the risk level of the region, among other biosafety measures, is maintained.

Click here to access the Supreme Decree N° 076-2021-PCM

Vaccination Plan against COVID-19: Update

The National Vaccination Plan was updated and, as of April 16, the territorial vaccination strategy was expanded to the elderly in the districts of Lima. Vaccination shall be progressively extended to the elderly in other regions such as La Libertad, Arequipa, San Martin, Loreto, Cusco and Cajamarca.

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Decision 833: New cosmetics procedures

The incorporation of 14 procedures in the Foreign Trade Single Window (Vuce) referring to modifications and changes in cosmetic products was adopted. The new procedures correspond to the provisions laid down in the new Decision 833 which has been in force since March 2021.

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