Life Sciences Newsletter – September 2021



Medicinal Oxygen Stock Registry 

The Ministry of Health officially launched the National Registry of Medicinal Oxygen – Renoxi Peru, which allows to know the stock and consumption of medicinal oxygen reported by public, private or mixed Health Service Provider Institutions (IPRESS) throughout the country. Renoxi Peru was created in compliance with Law Nº 31113 that regulates, authorizes, ensures and guarantees the use of medicinal oxygen in health facilities.

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Molecular test is required to enter Peru

Through Supreme Decree Nº 156-2021-PCM the government clarified that passengers entering Peru must have a molecular test with a result date no more than 72 hours before boarding from their point of origin. It is not mandatory to present a vaccination card or certificate.

Additionally, the suspension of entry of non-resident passengers from South Africa is maintained. Peruvians or foreign residents arriving in Peru from South Africa must comply with a mandatory quarantine of 14 calendar days.

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Protection of personal data in the COVID-19 vaccination register

The Ministry of Health adopted the privacy policy of the digital service called “Single Consultation of the Vaccine Registry against COVID-19” (Single Consultation of the COVID-19 Vaccine Register). This document lays down in particular the following: the processing of personal data, who are the data processors, the storage time, the security measures and the means to exercise the rights as holder of the personal data, among other information.

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Certification of molecular testing laboratories

Emergency Decree Nº 085-2021 confirmed that laboratories that provide molecular testing services (PCR-RT) to identify SARS-CoV.2 must be certified by the National Institute of Health (INS), as an additional requirement in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Signing of agreements to purchase vaccines

The Ministry of Health entered into a supply agreement with Moderna laboratory for the supply of 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine. These doses shall be delivered in the first three months of 2022.

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